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Weather Verification Services

Science and Technology

Our team of scientists, meteorologists, and IT staff are advancing weather verification technology

Hail Verification Model

Weather Fusion's proprietary hail verification model is the only source for hail data designed to verify actual hailfall. Weather Fusion designed the algorithm to address the hail verification needs of customers, including actual hail fall information and accurate hail size data. In the past, many customers relied on products and services based on science and algorithms intended for public safety needs — products focused on what a hailstorm might potentially produce, not what actually occurred.


Weather Fusion is now the exclusive provider of Vaisala’s industry-standard STRIKEnet® lightning verification report. Over a million STRIKEnet lightning verification reports have been used by insurance claims adjusters, forensic engineers, attorneys, and property owners—all rely on STRIKEnet to provide the most accurate lightning data. Join the tens of thousands of claims professionals who have benefited from STRIKEnet lightning claim verifications.

Our Infrastructure

Our robust, scalable infrastructure is designed specifically for automated, instant delivery. This infrastructure combines 99.99% uptime and world-class security to protect the integrity of our customers’ operations and business interests. We host our infrastructure only at facilities that meet the rigorous demands for data acquisition, reliability, and security compliance required by insurance carriers and related enterprise-level customers such as major banks and credit card processors.